Forever Young Hour 1  8am PST

We have a great first hour today, focusing on Men's Health. Our special guest will explain why testosterone levels
drop during aging and the overall toll it can take on Man's daily life.

Special Guest, Health broadcaster and longevity researcher, Rob Martin. He’s here today with an important update on an area
of men’s health where he has devoted many years of research…natural testosterone replacement.

In fact, back in 2011, Rob created the most famous testosterone booster, Ageless Male, which ignited a major new supplement

category...and it all started right here on Forever Young!

Today’s he’s bringing us the next-generation of natural testosterone boosters…that unlike the most popular products currently
on the market…finally safely raises testosterone levels in older men not just young weightlifters .

If you want a scientifically validated natural testosterone booster, with multiple-ingredients successfully tested on middle aged and older men, in placebo controlled studies, your
answer is T40Plus.T40Plus features four evidence-based ingredients that raise free testosterone…and…total testosterone…an industry first.

So if you’re middle-aged or older…T40Plus will work!

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Forever Young Hour 2  9am PST

We have a great hour planned for you, covering the topic of Turmeric. If you're like many, you may supplement with turmeric,
an ancient spice that packs many health benefits. Today we will talk benefits, quality, research, and much more.

Guest: Growing up in a conventional household, where fast-food and western medicine reigned supreme; Chad Kelly witnessed
first-hand the consequences of a life disconnected from nature. It is through his family health challenges, that Chad was inspired
to seek out the healing nutritional support that nature provides.  


In his own words: “Sometimes, all it takes is one "light-bulb" moment and a person is inspired to radically shift their behavior.”
His goal remains simple and constant, he arms his audiences with the information and tools they need to make informed choices
and lead a healthier life. 


A featured speaker in health and wellness stores across the U.S., Chad Kelly helps people gain a greater understanding of
nutrition, supplementation, and how to comb through a sea of misinformation, teasing fact from fiction or “marketing”. Today,
Chad serves as national educator for NutriGold®, where he works to fulfill his personal mission of spreading good-health each

At NutriGold, we care deeply about the health of our customers and that means using
ingredients clinically proven to support health benefits. Our approach to turmeric
supplementation is no exception.  Turmeric Curcumin Gold features Curcumin C3 Complex,
the most clinically studied turmeric extract currently available.  Over 40 independent, clinical
studies demonstrate support for joint flexibility, as well as liver, colon, eye and skin health. It
is also formulated with a patented black pepper extract to offer enhanced bio-availability and

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Forever Young listener. 


After more than 25 years of thorough research, Dr. Ohhira concluded that
good health
prevails when the friendly bacteria in the GI tract are properly
colonized. He also found
that the consumption and short-term presence of
good bacteria alone does not lead to
good health.

Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics are available at Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods,
Sprouts, and other fine health food stores nationwide. Also
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Scientists argue about many things, but one point not debated is the simple fact:
We lose muscle mass and strength as we get older. Many people think that simply
adding more protein to their diet will help prevent muscle loss. The problem is most
protein drinks are made with synthetic ingredients, fillers and artificial sweeteners.

But with MyoHealth you’ll feel good knowing you’re taking a natural product made with
all 9 essential amino acids clinically shown to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, and
is backed by 25 human clinical studies.

Are you ready to regain your strength, your mobility, your confidence and your
independence? If so now is the time to take the MyoHealth 30-Day Strength Challenge
and experience the results so many others have.

By ordering now you’ll also receive Dr. Wolfe’s new book “The Building Blocks of Life” and receive an extra 30 day supply of MyoHealth absolutely FREE!
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Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in fish, such as pollock, salmon, cod, tuna, and halibut; other seafood, including algae and krill; and some plant and nut oils. Omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in supporting cardiovascular and joint health, are important for brain function, and are crucial for normal growth and development.

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fish oils. It is Cary and Kelly's go to when it comes to Omega 3s.

From Seed to Shelf, all PlusCBD Oil products provide the highest quality hemp-derived CBD products available - and are offered in a variety of delivery systems and flavors to suit your needs.


Ask your local independent health food store about PlusCBD Oil products by
CV Sciences today, and learn more about the CBD Evolution at

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Also check out these great videos:


Spry Dental Defense System Animation:

 Xlear Nasal Spray Animation:

The Brio Back and Body Scrubber is over 26 inches long, and is designed with a handle
at each end so you can easily reach your back while showering.  Once lathered with soap
or body wash the patented Brio Back and Body Scrubber is just abrasive enough to allow
the skin to exfoliate, but not scratch or harm the skin.  Enjoy the great health benefits of exfoliation during your daily shower or bath routine. 

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Active lifestyles call for extra nutritional support. Kyo-Green® Greens Blend provides gentle, sustained energy to keep you going all day long. With a unique blend of naturally sourced superfoods, Greens Blend is the safe and easy way to put a little pep in your step!

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Perhaps you’ve heard of glutathione. Every cell in the human body uses
glutathione to maintain cellular health. Scientists call it the “Master Antioxidant”
and it’s absolutely vital to:

You need healthy glutathione levels, but it’s very hard to supplement it—some research indicates that glutathione breaks down
during digestion. That’s where ME-3 comes in. You supplement with the probiotic. Then the probiotic gets to work, maintaining
healthy glutathione levels inside you!
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People often ask Cary and Kelly what they should eat
when wanting to lose weight, and the answer they give is
always the same....Lean meats that are protein rich, Veggies,
and balanced carbs. Each morning many of us start the day
with good intentions, but when you are running late for work
or getting the kids off to school those intentions go out the window.

This recipe is one that Kelly makes every week so there
is a go to breakfast already in the fridge that takes 1 min
in the microwave to warm up. Feel free to experiment and
add different veggies and/or different proteins.