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Hour 1:
How Hormones Play A Role In The Aging Process And Our Immune Response.
Hour 2: Finding the benefits in Ancient Herbs And Super-foods. 

Hour 1: 
Exciting Cardiovascular Health Research On Kyolic AGE

Hour 2:  Digestive issues with a highlight on Acid Reflux and Leaky Gut

Hour 1: 
The Secret Reset For Kids Struggling With Reading And Learning.

Hour 2: 
Food without Labels, The importance of whole foods & diversity, with 
Dr. Ross Pelton. 

Hour 1: 
We have a great episode planned, will focus our show on EFA’s, Omega 3s,
ECS, and ways to support overall health of the immune, nervous, and endocrine system.

Hour 2: Men's Health Testosterone, Prostate, & Estrogen Dominance

Hour 1:
Major Research that Proves Telomere Shortening is a Powerful Predictor of
Your Lifespan.

Hour 2: The Opioid Epidemic.

Hour 1:
All-natural approach to upper respiratory and oral care health. 
Hour 2: 
Hormones and how stress can further trigger ongoing hormonal imbalances.

Hour 1: 
Arming The Body's Defenses With Ancient Herbs And Super-foods. 
Hour 2:  
Digestive Problems And How They Can Affect The Brain.

Hour 1: 
The Dangers Of Not Getting Enough Sleep.
Hour 2:  Everything You Need To Know About Thyroid Health.

Hour 1: 
Brain Plasticity, Neuroscience, & Overcoming Limitations to Unlock Hidden Potential.
Hour 2: Breaking News on Vitamin D and much more.

Hour 1: 
Rising Healthcare costs & a solution that may help.
Hour 2:  COVID-19, Precautions, and ways to Strengthen the Immune Response.

Hour 1: 
Four Key Nutrients That Help Build Lung Health & Immunity. 
Hour 2: 
Good Digestion Vs. Bad (Acid Reflux, IBS, Crohns) 

Hour 2:  6 Strategies For Managing Stress Around Infectious Disease.

Hour 1:
The Truth About Vaccines with Ty and Charlene Bollinger.

Hour 2: Hormones and how they play a vital role in the Immune Response. 

Hour 1:
Understanding the ins and outs of the Thyroid.

Hour 2: Why Sleep Related Issues are becoming so common. 

Hour 1: 
Modern-day approach and understanding about probiotics and the importance of probiotic health.

Hour 2:   Lifestyle factors that help bolster the Immune function, as well as herbs and food
that help the immune response.

Hour 1:  We have a great show planned for you sharing helpful information on
ways to support your digestive wellness, and the 
science behind digestive enzymes.
Hour 2:  
Helpful tips on Balancing Stress And The Immune Response, with
Dr. Shunney 


Hour 1:  We have a great show planned for you today and will focus our discussion
on ways to support your Immune Response. We will also learn more about
Beta Glucan. 

Hour 2:  Brain Health For All Age Groups, with Dr. Sears.

Hour 1:  Scientists are reporting the biggest age reversal advance EVER…it’s been reported throughout the national media and from research institutions worldwide
…and it’s all about these tiny tips on our cells called telomeres.
Hour 2: Cary and Kelly do a free for all on recent research, and share ways to support
Immune function. 

Hour 1:
In this hour we will cover CBD and share how to use it and how to get the most 
out of a quality hemp derived CBD oil.
Hour 2:  We have an excellent show planned today talking about the benefits of B vitamins
and why the forms matter.

Hour 1:  The Important Hormone You Need To Know About and aren't hearing enough about. 
Hour 2:  We have a great show planned for you today and will focus our discussion on Insomnia and sleep related issues.

Hour 1: 
We have a great show planned for you in honor of heart health month and will be joined by Dr. Jim LaValle. Jim will share Life-Saving Tips to Keep your Heart Strong!  

Hour 2:  We have a great show planned for you sharing helpful information to support your digestive wellness. 

Hour 1:  Today we’re going to look at joint related issues that to some degree, affects nearly every adult. It’s one of the fastest growing health concerns in this country and over 50 million people are suffering with joint related issues.

Hour 2: Certain roads blocks that could be getting in the way of good health, so today we will share some of those with you.

Hour 1:  We have a great show planned for our listeners today, and in honor of Heart Health Month, we will  focus on all aspects of heart health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in United States. The good news? It is also one of the most preventable.

Hour 2:  We have a great show planned for our listeners today, navigating 

Cold & Flu Season and taking a NATURAL approach to congestion”.

Hour 1:  The benefits of B vitamins and why the forms matter.
Hour 2:   We have an excellent show planned today talking about hormones and we will be joined by a special guest who will highlight how hormones play a role in the aging process and the value and importance of “DHEA”.

Hour 1:  We have a great hour planned for you, covering the topic of Brain Health. Our Brains are working overtime in today’s modern world, so we to make sure we’re giving it the proper support and taking Preventative measures.

Hour 2:  In this episode we talk all things Thyroid. Often Dr. Stengler sees a great many patients each year with thyroid problems, so many that he and many other physicians believe that thyroid disorders are epidemic in our country, so we would like to focus our show on Thyroid Health, and the different types of Thyroid conditions that seem to be causing some real issues for people.

Hour 1:  
Many of our listeners know, that we are fans of Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics. Their product is extraordinary and solidly backed by impressive research. However, many of you don’t know the incredible story of how Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics became a worldwide leader in probiotic heath. It all goes back to Japan 45 years ago.

Hour 2:  We have a great show planned today, and will cover, Common Fungal issues people are experiencing. We will be joined by Doug Kaufman to share, the ins and outs on fungus and how it is impacting our overall health.

Hour 1: 
We have a great show planned and will be talking about Hemp Derived CBD, ways people are applying it to their day to day,and current concerns surrounding the CBD space.

Hour 2: Every year about this time the questions start to come in heavy and fast about getting a flu shot and the flu vaccine itself, so we thought it would be extremely helpful if Dr. Stengler took some time to address some of the most common questions you might have about flu season and the flu vaccine.

Hour 1: 
Chronic Fatigue and all you need to know about it. 
Hour 2:
Hormone 101 : Common Endocrine disruptors that can be 
found in our in environment and helpful tips on how to avoid them. 

Hour 1: 
Cary and Kelly share tips for the New Year ahead.

Hour 2: Len Smith Meta Turmeric 

Hour 1:
Hugh Woodward shares on Hormones with a highlight on DHEA
Hour 2:
Amber Lynn Vitale shares on the importance of Detoxification


Hour 1Cary and Kelly share new research on “Xylitol’s Health Benefits beyond
Dental Health:  A Comprehensive Review.

Hour 2Cary and I have a great show planned for you, with a very guest, we will be Highlighting the Adrenals and also the important roles that B Vitamins play within our bodies.


Hour 1Cary and Kelly share new research on health, fitness, and much more.

Hour 2Cary and Kelly share on the importance of vitamin D, Kids and food allergies, and much more.