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Hundreds of thousands of readers have relied on Prescription for Natural Cures as the source for accurate, easy-to-understand information on natural treatments and remedies for a host of common ailments. The new edition of this invaluable guide has been thoroughly updated to reflect the very latest research and recommendations. This revised edition prescribes remedies for almost 200 conditions, including new entries such gluten sensitivity and MRSA. You'll find easy-to-understand discussions of the symptoms and root causes of each health problem along with a proven, natural, customized prescription that may include supplements, herbal medicine, homeopathy, aromatherapy, Chinese medicine, hydrotherapy, bodywork, natural hormones, and other natural cures in addition to nutritional advice.

In 1982, it was discovered that the vast majority of stomach ulcers are caused by H. pylori,
nasty little bacteria found in the gut. In spite of the evidence, it took the U.S. medical community
ten years to accept this finding and change their treatment of ulcers. In 2015, scientists have
come to an equally startling conclusion: An imbalance in the bacterial community of your stomach can cause not only ulcers, but also a host of other serious and painful disorders― from allergies
to diabetes to osteoporosis. Now, best-selling health author Martie Whittekin has written The Probiotic Cure, a guide to overcoming many of our most common health issues. The Probiotic
Cure is divided into two parts. Part One is designed to explain what our internal flora is and
how it works in our gut. It examines what comprises this living community, specifically focusing
on the natural balance of bad and good bacteria. It details how this community can become unbalanced from a poor diet, a toxic environment, or a number of medications, causing negative consequences for your health. It then goes on to explain how balance can be restored safely
and effectively by using probiotics―good bacteria that are readily available in supplement form.
Part Two provides a listing of the most common health disorders that may arise from a bacterial imbalance. Each entry includes a look at conventional treatments for the disorder along with the probiotics approach. Practical suggestions and points to consider are offered so that you can make the best decision possible for your well-being. Hopefully, it will not take another ten years for the medical community to recognize the power of probiotics. But with this book in hand, you can benefit today from groundbreaking research. The Probiotic Cure provides a safe, natural, and wonderfully effective alternative approach to treating many of the major health problems of our time.

Beyond Gluten Intolerance-GIS

By Karen Masterson Koch CCN

Are you confused about health these days friends – You’re not alone!

However, once you know how GLUTEN and GIS (the gluten inflammatory syndrome) effects every adult and child to some degree - it will open the door to a health discovery including healthy weight loss, reversing failing health which often includes digestive challenges, Mood disorders, allergies, skin conditions, and there's even the formula from the latest research of how to turn back the aging clock once and for all!

Beyond Gluten Intolerance - GIS" is three books in one - a health book that includes personal testimonies, the utmost important foods to eat for every stage of health with delicious recipes and shopping lists plus the real definition of what gluten is and why people are not getting properly diagnosed in the first place.

In Your Blood Never Lies, best-selling author James LaValle clears up the mystery surrounding blood test results. In simple language, he explains all of the information found on these forms, making it understandable and accessible. This means that you can look at the results yourself and know the significance of each marker. Dr. LaValle even recommends the most effective conventional and complementary treatments for dealing with any problematic findings. Rounding out the book are the names of test markers that should be requested for a more complete physical picture.

Lon Jones, America's most famous country doctor and practitioner of commonsense
medicine, shows you how to cure yourself of allergies, sinus problems and other upper
respiratory conditions. Dr. Jones proven method using nasal xylitol also helps prevent
children's ear infections and cavities. His natural solution is ideal for parents wanting to
cut down on their children's use of antibiotics and other allergy drugs such as antihistamines
and decongestants. It's as simple as keeping your nose clean!


Feeling guilty about being unable to share your dinner with your canine companion? Worried about whether your leftovers are good for your pet? The Dog-Gone Good Cookbook is a fun, healthy cookbook with delicious meals that dog owners and dogs can enjoy together. It includes more than one hundred balanced, delicious recipes that are corn, sugar, soy, and gluten free.

Some included recipes:

·         Spaghetti and Meatballs

·         Fish Burgers with Parsley Dilled Mayonnaise


·         Lamb Shanks with Figs and Blueberries

·         Chicken Tenders with Coconut and Sesame Seeds

·         Pumpkin Frittata


The recipes are human, canine, and kid friendly and are easy—even for the beginner cook!