Forever Young Hour 1  8am PST

In this hour, Cary and Kelly share on the importance of food. Food can either help us or hinder
our path to good health. They will also highlight exercise, Hemp derived CBD, and so much more. 

Forever Young Hour 2  9am PST

We have a great show planned for you, and with the Help of a special guest, will report on Major New Research that Proves
Telomere Shortening is a Powerful Predictor of Your Lifespan!

Our guest today is longevity researcher, Rob Martin, who for nearly 4 decades has been on the cutting edge of age reversal science. 

 Scientists are reporting the biggest age reversal advance EVER…it’s been reported throughout the national media and from research institutions worldwide…and it’s all about these tiny tips on our cells called telomeres…. 

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After more than 30 years of thorough research, Dr. Ohhira concluded that

good health prevails when the friendly bacteria in the GI tract are properly
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