Forever Young Hour 1  8am PST

Today we will be focusing, on what our guests say is the most advanced concept in age reversal science. It combines
telomere lengthening with the removal of senescent cells, which are also called zombie cells.

As you age, increasing numbers of your cells enter into a state known as senescence. Senescent cells do not divide or support
the tissues of which they are a part; instead, they emit a range of potentially harmful chemical signals that encourage nearby
healthy cells to enter the same senescent state.

Their presence causes many problems: they reduce tissue repair, increase chronic inflammation, and can even eventually
 raise the risk of cancer and other age-related diseases.

Telomeres are protective DNA caps on your health and longevity supporting telomeres. Unfortunately, when your telomeres
breakdown and degrade…they transform into dangerous senescent cells, which many are calling Zombie Cells” because they
send out signals that contaminate your healthy cells and wreak havoc throughout your body…and unfortunately as you age…
your immune system weakens and can no longer clear out these toxic cells.

So what happens? Senescent cells are a major cause of inflammation throughout your body…and Inflamm-Aging is strongly
 associated with many serious health issues.

Our guest today is life extension pioneer, Rob Martin, who for nearly 4 decades has been on the cutting edge of longevity research. 

Introducing this truly health changing, longevity promoting…Cell Protect System…

Which combines Telovite and Zombie cell detox. So you can now lengthen your life promoting telomeres and remove senescent cells caused by collapsing telomeres.

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Forever Young Hour 2  9am PST

Cary and I have a great show planned for you, with a very guest, we will be Highlighting the Adrenals and also the import roles
that B Vitamins play within our bodies.

Guest: Stacy Faulkner the National Educator of Emerald Labs the Additive Free Company

Common Signs of Adrenal Fatigue

Fatigue and weakness, especially in the morning and afternoon

A suppressed immune system

Depression / Weight Gain

Cravings for foods high in salt, sugar or fat

Hormonal imbalance

Autoimmune disorders

Decreased ability to handle stress
Trouble waking up in the morning, despite a full night’s sleep
Poor memory

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After more than 30 years of thorough research, Dr. Ohhira concluded that
good health
prevails when the friendly bacteria in the GI tract are properly
colonized. He also found
that the consumption and short-term presence of
good bacteria alone does not lead to
good health.

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Perhaps you’ve heard of glutathione. Every cell in the human body uses
glutathione to maintain cellular health. Scientists call it the “Master Antioxidant”
and it’s absolutely vital to:

You need healthy glutathione levels, but it’s very hard to supplement it—some research indicates that glutathione breaks down
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Telomere shortening is behind virtually all the health and beauty issues of aging, so start lengthening
your telomeres and get younger by the day!!! The TeloVite human study published in a medical journal
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Naturopathic medical doctors Mark Stengler and Paul Anderson focus on the most critical
components of Integrative Oncology Care. Using an accessible, case-history approach, they
explore the different types of cancer, the causes of cancer, how proper nutrition can help
prevent and treat cancer, the most well-studied supplement to use with cancer treatment,
cutting-edge therapies (such as intravenous high dose vitamin C and other studied therapies),
and natural solutions to common problems (such as the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation).